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I: The primary rule of this RPG is that it is a game! So have fun!

II: Stay as active as possible. The minimum amount of activity you should have is checking the board at least once a week. Even if you don't post anything, you should be able to keep tabs on whats going on at any given moment with the other players and announcements that the mods make. Active characters make the mods happy and might get rewarded!!

III: OOC-ness should be kept to a strict minimum when playing with fandom characters. If your character is making a post to any of the logs, journals or cell phones, they should be kept In Character for the character that you are playing. Unless there is a situation that calls for a little OOC action like a macho character breaking down and crying because his girlfriend or best friend died then that is perfectly logical and acceptable seeing as it's an OOC situation. Essentially, try to play characters as closely to the cannon as possible.

IV: Logs of...questionable nature are totally A-OK!!! So long as you put the proper warnings outside of the cut, anything goes. Follow standard ratings from G to N-17 and we shouldn't have a problem. Be sensible about how you rate things people! If you start out G but know theres a possibility that the rating my go higher, then set it at a precautionary higher level!

V: Pairings of any type will be allowed here, which means that anyone who has objections to those pairings and feels the need to evangelize about those objections is kindly asked forthwith to keep their opinions to themselves. If you don't like yuri/yaoi/whatever pairing then ignore it. Don't interact with those characters or read their posts. Simple as that. I'm inflexible about that. If your character is likely to make a slur then I suggest you be very careful about the way in which you go about that.

VI: Leading from the last rule. Keep any negative opinions to yourselves. Seriously. This is probably the only rule that will get you banned immediately. We don't discriminate on any basis and members that are found doing so will be subsequently shunted. Period.

VII: If you plan on registering an original character, make sure you are up to date with all the rules that are involved in during so.

VIII: Please keep journal posts to first person and log posts in third person. Due to the nature of those specific posts, it's easiest if all entries work on the same format. The journal entries, however, can work in a dressing room format if the player wishes, meaning that actions can be preformed in them if players like. That way the entire action of the rp doesn't have to come from logs.

IX: Please report any shifting of allegiances to the mods so we are able to keep track of the different sides of the mafia conflict.

X: There are some events that are absolutely mandatory and some that are not. For the ones that are, there will be an notification in the announcements about it. Players who post but do not adhere to mandatory events will be contacted. For optional events, the player can decide for themselves if they want to participate or not but there must be some clear alert if a character is not participating.

XI: There is a five character limit to start out. Beyond that and each new applications will be taken into account separately.

XII: If you have read and understood all of the rules, please include the phrase "No Swooping" somewhere in your application.