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Some basic guidelines before you put in an application, aka Everything You Need to Know and Then Some:


1) It's perfectly acceptable to put in an application without a reservation, but it can't hurt to make sure that your character is available.

2) We are currently accepting OC applications. Please submit the regular application with the addition of the blue sections

3) We will get to your application as soon as possible, so don't worry. If there is anything wrong with your application we will be sure to let you know what it is and give you the opportunity to fix it before applying again.

4) For some fandoms it's hard to decide if you can apply for. The general guideline is that if a character has a history it's probably okay.

5) For characters who don't have too much canon or you're unsure of if they meet the requirements, please feel free to ask a mod. We're available most of the time and even if you think a character might not work, we can work something out for you.

6) We're lenient enough, but we do pay attention to spelling and grammar.

7) No animals/animal-like creatures. If you want a pet or animal that your character has in canon make sure to mention it in your application and we can work it in.

8) If you have any questions, contact one of our mods. We'll respond quickly about 90% of the time.

9) Make sure to check that the character you are applying for is not taken, reserved, or on hiatus.

10)Have fun!


Player Info (That's you!):
Name: The name you want to be referred by.

Personal Journal:
Your personal journal, not your characters.

Age: You have to be 15 to participate in limited sexual RPing and 18 for full sexual roleplay.

Email: This is optional but we'll only use it if we need to contact you and other methods fail

AIM: This is the preferred form of communication


Other ways to contact you: Pretty much anything else. For example, one of your mods has a Steam account.

Time Zone:
Mainly for reference, if you're not sure that's fine.

Character Info:
Name: Basic enough. Put as much of the character's name as you know.

Fandom: Can be pretty much anything that's not a furry, or an animal and has a character background. If you're unsure contact the mods and we'll get back to you quickly.

Age: Characters age. If you don't know just put unknown. Old as sin is also an option.For original characters, an exact number is required.

Point in Canon: Where in your character's timeline are they taken from? If your character doesn't have a set series of events talk to the mods. We're friendly! You don't have to put much for here, just an episode or an even or story arc or something similar.

History: Tell us about your character's background or significant events in their life. Have they lost someone important? Did something happen to change their lives? This section doesn't have to be pages long but should be fleshed out enough to give us a good grasp of your character.

Personality: What is your character like? We want some insight into your character so please but more than a couple of sentences.

Loyalties: Where do your characters loyalties lie? Who do they support in the in the mafia conflict? Are they not really involved at all? Or do they have some other agenda?

Items/things: If you want your character to have something with them put that here. Unless something is listed here your character doesn't get it. Also everything is subject to mod approval. That means your character's weapons may be okay, but a fully armed tank probably isn't.

Abilities: If your character has some abilities or powers, they won't anymore. Or at least not the way they did before. If you feel like your character should have a  watered down version of their abilities or if you feel like their ability is minor, mention it here and the mods might approve it.

First Person Sample: At least a paragraphs worth of a first person sample. You're allowed to post a first person sample from another RP if you wish. This can be about anything you want.

Third Person Sample:
We want at least a couple paragraphs of how you would write a log here. This can also be about whatever you want, but unlike the first person sample you can't copy from a previous rp and post it here.
Wanted Characters: This section is optional. If there are characters you want to join you mention them here and we'll add them to the Wanted section.

Unscreen?: Applications are automatically screened when they are first recieved, however, you have the option of unscreening yours to use as an example to potential applicants. You can unscreen all of your app or some of it, let us know here!

Other: In case you have anything else to say!